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Jon’s Favorites · 2017

Jon’s Favorites · 2017

2017 was an odd year. Yes, the 7 at the end of the number signifies it as an odd number, but it was also odd, in that my job unexpectedly changed in the middle of the year and I ended up writing a lot less than I expected. When the end of the year crept up on me and I realized I wanted to recap my year in writing, I was worried there wouldn’t be a ton of selections I wanted to share.

Fortunately, I was wrong. While I wasn’t at the Baltimore Sun Media Group the entire year, I did write 136 stories while I was there. Here are a few favorites.

I guess the lede of my year, writing-wise, is that I had my first and only story on the front page of the Baltimore Sun during my time at the Baltimore Sun Media Group, in April. The third floor reporters usually aren’t on A1. Anyway, this was the story.

My final story from my time at Baltimore Sun Media Group included one of my favorite photos I’ve taken in my career. It’s probably in the top two. Here’s that story.

I always enjoy writing stories about people coming together for good, particularly when someone was in need, such as wrote about the pastor whose congregation stepped up after suffering a fall or the school community coming together after the unexpected death of a high school senior. It reminds me not all people are the worst.

On the flip side, an important story I broke this year was the one of the nursing home owner who was discovered housing 16 people in a facility licensed for four beds. Here’s the initial story.

As someone who enjoys learning about how things work, I wrote a few stories that taught me a lot, such as the competitiveness of the gas industry, pet CPR and how future pilots and air traffic controllers are trained.

And, of course, I got to write about interesting people doing interesting things. That includes the couple celebrating their 70th anniversary, the 80-year-old line dancing instructor and the collegiate Baja racing team, just to name a few.

I did not do a good job chronicling things I enjoyed reading this year, whether by friends or by others, so just check out my friend Mitch’s Twitter thread of what he enjoyed. Maybe I’ll do a better job in 2018.

Instead, here’s my #2017bestnine on Instagram.


Jon Bleiweis has written for a variety of publications in Maryland and Delaware since 2011. For more about Jon, visit He can be reached at @JonBleiweis on Twitter.