Pocomoke teachers get ‘fast’ lesson on student hunger | [PDF] [WEB] | February 5, 2016

As part of professional development, staff members at Pocomoke High School fast from lunch until breakfast the next day as a way to emulate student hunger.

Embattled IRSB member resigns | [PDF] [WEB] | June 2, 2015

Breaking news story. A local school board member resigns, citing school district’s ‘acquiescence to homosexual agenda.’

Local family gets wheelchair accessible van | May-June 2015

Part 1: Roxana family hopes to win a life-changing ride
Part 2: Family offered wheelchair-accessible ride
Part 3: ‘I feel like I live among angels’ | Twigg family receives wheelchair-accessible van, thanks to donor
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A three-part series chronicling a single mother’s efforts to acquire a handicapped accessible van for her wheelchair-bound 9-year-old son. In the first part, she entered a contest to try to win a van. In the second part, the reader finds out she didn’t win the contest, but someone nearby reached out with an offer to buy her van she no longer needed. As a result, a GoFundMe campaign was set up as a way to help raise money for it. In the third part, an anonymous donor stepped in to provide the funds needed and the family received the van.

Delmarva schools react, reflect on recent bomb threats | [PDF] [WEB] | Jan. 21, 2016

A Sunday print story examining reactions to a series of bomb threats made at Delmarva schools over the course of several days.

From Dr. Seuss, words still thrill in Snow Hill | [PDF] [VIDEO] | March 2, 2016

Read Across America was celebrated at Snow Hill Elementary School. Here’s the assignment I had Wednesday in which I did text, photo and video. I tried to have a little bit of fun with it. Story was written and online March 2, and in print March 3.

Fight reports ‘blown out of proportion’ [PDF] |  January 24, 2012

Owner claims Selbyville town officials targeting his bar

‘I was terrified, absolutely terrified’ | [PDF] | April 17, 2013
Rehoboth Beach area runners who took part in the Boston Marathon in 2013 reflect on what happened that day.

‘We’re giving them full equality’ | [PDF] | September 25, 2013
In Sussex County, out-of-state same sex weddings top the list

Skate park brings the masses to church | [PDF] | August 21, 2013
$50,000 in community donations will help build new facility on church grounds

Bidens vacation in Rehoboth | [PDF] | July 6, 2012
Jill signs her book, while Joe strolls the Avenue

Gotta go? The ocean is not a toilet | [PDF] | June 9, 2012
Residents worry over beach hygiene

IR student selected by Texas Rangers | [PDF] | June 6, 2012
Breaking sports news story, Jamie Jarmon, a local high school student, was chosen in second round of the 2012 Major League Baseball draft.