To the rescue | [PDF] [WEB] | May 3, 2017
Foster families provide a bridge in pet adoptions.

The future of the church | [PDF] [WEB] | March 1, 2017
A look at how congregations in southwest Baltimore County are adapting to changing times, society.

Pocomoke teachers get ‘fast’ lesson on student hunger | [PDF] [WEB] | February 5, 2016
As part of professional development, staff members at Pocomoke High School fast from lunch until breakfast the next day as a way to emulate student hunger.

Embattled IRSB member resigns | [PDF] [WEB] | June 2, 2015
A local school board member resigns, citing school district’s ‘acquiescence to homosexual agenda.’ Breaking news story.

Dogs are the guinea pigs in trials | [PDF] [WEB] | Oct. 4, 2017
Catonsville veterinary office takes part in clinical tests of stem cell therapy to treat canine arthritis.

Delmarva schools react, reflect on recent bomb threats | [PDF] [WEB] | Jan. 21, 2016
A Sunday print story examining reactions to a series of bomb threats made at Delmarva schools over the course of several days.

From Dr. Seuss, words still thrill in Snow Hill | [PDF] [VIDEO] | March 2, 2016

Read Across America was celebrated at Snow Hill Elementary School. Here’s the assignment I had Wednesday in which I did text, photo and video. I tried to have a little bit of fun with it. Story was written and online March 2, and in print March 3.

Fight reports ‘blown out of proportion’ [PDF] |  January 24, 2012

Owner claims Selbyville town officials targeting his bar

‘I was terrified, absolutely terrified’ | [PDF] | April 17, 2013
Rehoboth Beach area runners who took part in the Boston Marathon in 2013 reflect on what happened that day.

‘We’re giving them full equality’ | [PDF] | September 25, 2013
In Sussex County, out-of-state same sex weddings top the list

Skate park brings the masses to church | [PDF] | August 21, 2013
$50,000 in community donations will help build new facility on church grounds

Bidens vacation in Rehoboth | [PDF] | July 6, 2012
Jill signs her book, while Joe strolls the Avenue

Gotta go? The ocean is not a toilet | [PDF] | June 9, 2012
Residents worry over beach hygiene

IR student selected by Texas Rangers | [PDF] | June 6, 2012
Jamie Jarmon, a local high school student, was chosen in second round of the 2012 Major League Baseball draft. Breaking news story.

Local family gets wheelchair accessible van | May-June 2015

Part 1: Roxana family hopes to win a life-changing ride
Part 2: Family offered wheelchair-accessible ride
Part 3: ‘I feel like I live among angels’ | Twigg family receives wheelchair-accessible van, thanks to donor
All PDF files.

A three-part series chronicling a single mother’s efforts to acquire a handicapped accessible van for her wheelchair-bound 9-year-old son. In the first part, she entered a contest to try to win a van. In the second part, the reader finds out she didn’t win the contest, but someone nearby reached out with an offer to buy her van she no longer needed. As a result, a GoFundMe campaign was set up as a way to help raise money for it. In the third part, an anonymous donor stepped in to provide the funds needed and the family received the van.