Food & Drink

Some of my favorite stories to write are about the local food and drink industry and trying to come up with angles that can give readers unique perspectives of products they may enjoy. Here are a few reads.

How Dogfish Head strives for quality through science | [PDF] [WEB] | February 20, 2015

Meet the scientists and machines that ensure Dogfish Head Craft Brewery puts out beer that’s just right. Longform story.

Expanding abroad, evolving within | [PDF] | June 7, 2014

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery founder Sam Calagione talks about the delicate balance of growing a company.

Craft brewing: The presentation | [PDF] | Feb. 17, 2012

As folks from Dogfish Head Craft Brewery explain, the label for each beer tells a story of its own.

Cookies and brew? The adult way to wash down those Girl Scout cookies | [PDF] | Feb. 28, 2014

Feature pairing Girl Scout cookies with beer from local craft breweries. With photos.

From crack to ghost pepper, this ice cream is addictive | [PDF] | April 24, 2012

Profiling the new flavors at The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach. This story was picked up by the Associated Press and distributed nationwide.

‘We want them to feel like it was awesome’ | [PDF] | February 2, 2014

A look at how a local restaurant constructs its menu. Shark on the Harbor owners discuss their ‘backwards’ approach to the challenges of restaurant business.