Features & Profiles

Cooking up inspiration | [PDF] | December 13, 2013

Profile of Hari Cameron, a Rehoboth Beach chef and restaurant owner who was recognized in 2013 as a James Beard Award nominee and Delaware Restaurateur of the Year.

A Delmarva lobster tale | [PDF] [WEB] | October 26, 2014

The inside scoop on the few on the Delmarva Peninsula who catch lobsters, where they are being fished and who’s eating them. Longform story.

Here to stay | [PDF] [WEB] | September 18, 2015

A profile on a pastor celebrating 55 years of preaching at a local church.

Whirlwind of woodwinds | [PDF] | November 29, 2013

Profile of Dana Limpert, second oboist of the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra.

From one hero to many others | [PDF] [WEB] | April 12, 2015

A local veteran who was moving into a senior living facility donates the contents of his house to homeless veterans in need.

Man’s best friend | [PDF] | September 11, 2012

Dalmatian rescued Millsboro resident from World Trade Center wreckage.

10 Delmarva-inspired emoji that should be on our phones | [WEB] | July 9, 2015

From Old Bay to jellyfish, symbols that can help explain life on the peninsula are lacking on our cellphones.

The beach boy blues | [PDF] [WEB] | July 11, 2014

Concessions worker talks about life on the seasonal job.

Young at heart and old soul in harmony | [PDF] | Aug. 15, 2014

Musical duo with 40-year age difference strikes a chord with resort community.

Crafty Knowledge | [PDF] | April 4, 2014

Beer director at Pickled Pig Pub shows off his expertise in brews.